Work absence due to ill heath costs UK businesses tens of millions of pounds per year. Healthy staff make better decisions and improve their skills in time management.

Wellness Solutions

All employees are individual with individual needs in the workplace and with fitness. N-tyce tailor 1 to 1 plans to give each person an insight into their overall health.
Health Checks
Ntyce Health & Wellbeing Ltd. Test options.
10min Blood Pressure – Height –Weight – BMI
20min Blood Pressure – Height –Weight – BMI Total Cholesterol +HDL & Glucose Testing
30min Blood Pressure – Height – Weight – Body Fat % Total Chol + HDL + Glucose
40min Blood Pressure – Height – Weight – Body Fat % – V02
Alternatively we can customise the service to your own requirements in terms of appointment length and screening tests: Optional Tests to include.
  • Hydration
  • Flexibility
  • Lung Function
All formats also include:
  • Wellbeing Questionnaire, Results & Data Sheets
  • General Consultation & Advice As Required
  • GP Referral As Required, For Individuals Demonstrating Elevated Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol And/Or Blood Glucose Levels
  • All Health Related & Administrative Media
  • Corporate Health Screening Programme Report & Factsheets Delivered Within 14 Working Days