Office based gyms will improve employees performance while helping them feel energised. In all cases moral is greatly improved within the workforce.

Corporate Fitness Centre Build & Design

With over 25 years within the fitness and wellbeing section N-tyce are well respected and best placed to assist in the design and build of on-site health and fitness facilities.
Our professional consultancy service enables you to tap into our experience and specialist expertise to
  • Build an onsite facility onto your premises within
  • Establish the viability of developing a new fitness centre
  • Develop an existing fitness centre
If you are considering a refurbishment, a redevelopment of existing accommodation or a new build we can provide professional support in
  • Spatial planning
  • Advisory design services
  • Financial & business plan modelling
  • Equipment supply & support

Gym Build & Design

Wellness Solutions

Health Fairs

Gym Management